Our Mission

Our goal is to provide bioethics training that will directly benefit patients and research participants, and promote the development of ethically sound healthcare policy. We offer training programs that meet the needs of health and legal professionals who work on ethics committees, institutional review boards, and other decision-making bodies that are expected to make important, ethically complex assessments.

Our History

Our bioethics programs are among the earliest in the US, and began in 1995 with the Certificate Program, a collaboration between Montefiore and Columbia led by bioethics pioneers Nancy Dubler and David Rothman. Faculty of the program over the years include a Who's Who of Bioethics and the medical humanities in America: Rita Charon, Barron Lerner, Jeff Blustein, the late John Arras and Adrienne Asch, and many others. Among our hundreds of graduates are numerous leaders in healthcare ethics, many of whom credit the program with dramatically changing the direction of their career. Clinical Ethics has always been a strength of the program, drawing from the decades of cases and faculty experience from Montefiore.

The Masters' Program started in 2010 under the direction of Tia Powell, in collaboration with Ed Stein of Cardozo Law . The MBE offers a more in-depth experience to our former and new students. Our program continues to draw upon a rich mixture of medicine, law, narrative, fiction, and clinical experience to offer our students a unique and nuanced appreciation of ethical challenges in healthcare.

Learning Objectives:

The goal of the Masters’ Program and the Certificate Program is to train future and current professionals to translate bioethical theory into practice, with a focus on service-oriented aspects of bioethics; these include clinical bioethics consultation, health care ethics policy and the ethical practice of research involving human subjects.

Our Curriculum

Our integration of narrative approaches, consultation and mediation skills, along with legal and public health expertise, provides a carefully thought-out and unique approach to bioethics education.

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Our Students

Our students include doctors, lawyers, nurses, social workers, a range of other professionals, law and medical students and recent college graduates. They have as a common goal the desire to understand and balance the relationship between complicated medical issues and choices and the firmly held values of patients, families and providers.

Our Faculty and Staff

With our notable faculty and diverse, multidisciplinary programming, we provide the teaching and interactive experiences that allow healthcare and legal professionals to be leaders in the expanding field of bioethics.


Einstein-Cardozo Bioethics Graduate Education

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