Latest book you've read

And a smol summary please of what did you think of it.
Mine was Alessandro Baricco ‘Ocean’. And it was a trip I tell ya. I liked it at all even though it felt like reading about someone’s elaborate dream. My boyfriend didn’t even finish it, said that it’s not his cup of tea. Whatever floats his boat I guess.


ohhhh it was in my childhood i think , mostly reading online now .


Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race - Reni Eddo-Lodge

I’ve just finished “The Lantern Men” by Elly Griffiths, I quite enjoy her stuff, police / crime thriller with a forensic archaeology angle.

yeah and in my childhood too))

“The law of nines” by Terry Goodkind. Not my usual kind of book, being a bit magic-y and people from another world doing magic stuff, but it wasn’t bad.

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“Die Last” by Tony Parsons, police procedural and much more my usual kind of thing, pretty good, don’t think I’ve read any by this author before.

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I just finished “Google” by Larry Page. Really interesting book. A lot of unknown info can be found there.

Quite appropriate, really. :slight_smile:

I just finished “The Fox” by Frederick Forsyth, haven’t read any of his for a few years and very much enjoyed it.

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I’ve read “The Fourth Monkey” by J D Barker, another police / serial killer thing, pretty good.

I’ve just finished “Dreadful Company”, the second novel about Greta Helsing, physician to monsters and the undead. It’s a good fantasy adventure, in a daft kind of way; well-written, with interesting characters. There are references to classic horror novels (“Frankenstein”, “Phantom of the Opera”, etc.) but it’s not necessary to have read them to follow the plot.

Rich dad, poor dad, a good financial education book at the same time mind setting and motivational.

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I’ve read some parts of that, like so many of these it gets a bit repetitive once you’ve got the initial message.

I’ve just finished “Reckoning” by Kerry Wilkinson. Not the kind of thing I usually read, set in a fictional UK where oil has run out, war has waged and lots of devastation has gone on, people serve the King and are very poor. This is the first of a trilogy, I’m not sure I’ll bother with the other two. There’s nothing wrong with it, just not my kind of story.

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I’ve just finished “Tombland” (I still look at the title and think it says Tom Bland!) by CJ Sansom. It’s a historical mystery novel covering the revolution in Norfolk in 1549. It’s the last book of a series, of which I just might have to get the rest.

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I had a similar issue with the DVD version of Harlan Coben’s “Tell No-one”, as it doesn’t have the hyphen and leads me to wonder who “Noone” is.

I’ve recently finished “The President is Missing” by James Patterson and Bill Clinton, which was an enjoyable story. After that I read “The Killing Habit” by Mark Billingham, which was very good indeed. It’s a while since I’ve read one of his, a cop series which a bit of humour.


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I’ve just finished “A Noise Downstairs” by Linwood Barclay. A good book, I always enjoy his stuff and haven’t read one for a while. A bit of a twist towards the end, which is always good.

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I’m getting through these now. First off, “Never Never” by James Patterson and Candice Fox, a bit different police tale set in a uranium mine in Australia. A decent enough book, someone is picking off miners and making it look like they’ve disappeared, and the mine owners don’t want the hassle of the police investigating.

And today, “The Wanted”, one of the Elvis Cole stories by Robert Crais. I haven’t read any of his for ages, and I really enjoyed it. Shades of “The Bling Ring”, a group of teens are breaking in to the homes of LAs wealthy, but they take something with a bit of a secret and someone wants it back.

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“Broken Ground” by Val McDermid was very good, as was “Close your eyes” by Michael Robotham, both finished off over the weekend. Both authors have several books featuring the same characters as in these books, and I’ve read others in the respective series. I’d forgotten how enjoyable the Michael Robotham books are.